Monday 19 March 2012

Jubilee Excitement!

I know the Jubilee weekend isn't until the 2nd June but I am already super excited! I love the Royals and all things Royal and have a growing collection of Royal Memorabilia; mostly cups, beakers and tins.
National Portrait Gallery
Like most collectors my collection has outgrown its cabinet after only a few months of having built the cabinet and I'm now considering having my spare room as a 'Royal' room so that I have even more space to keep collecting!

Part of my growing collection
Being a lover of the Royals, and of course of parties and dressing up, we've sheduled one of this year's Vintage & Handmade Fairs for the Jubilee weekend Come along to Hatton Park Village Hall on Sunday June 3rd betwwen 11am - 4pm and drink tea, eat cake, peruse our seller's lovely wears and check us out in our red, white and blue ensembles! There will also be children's jubilee crafts taking place outside...fancy sticking some sparkles on a golden crown or building a Queen's guard out of paper? I'll be the one sat colouring in a Union Jack....

Amy x