Sunday 14 November 2010

Chillaxing with Chocolate

Apologies for my lack of blog commenting this week. I’ve been super sleepy and have been having lots of early nights and day time naps. I’ve spent today chillaxing, eating chocolate and watching totally rubbish TV, including Bondi Rescue. My favourite episode considering I’ve been watching them back to back since 5pm? The one where a life guard tells a guy to correct his trunks‘…eh mate (man looks confused)…eh your trunks (man continues to look confused)…eh your balls are hanging out, fix your trunks! Bloody big bollocks mate eh’. I love the lifeguards, they’re just like the guys off the Fosters ads.

Anyway, yesterday my aunt and I did a carboot. We do them relatively often as we both buy so much stuff we don’t need, as do the rest of our family who pass stuff onto us to carboot. We made a decent amount and obviously I spent my half of the money on buying stuff there. I picked up lots of bits and bobs and it was a bonus that it was an indoor carboot where the buyers aren’t allowed into until 9am, which meant at 8.45am I scooted round and picked up everything I wanted. Well, everything that I wanted that wasn’t ridiculously priced. The amount of times I’ve hear in the last two weeks in charity shops and at carboots, ‘…oooh that’s old that, collectible, it’s £15’. Want I really want to reply is, ‘yes it is old, but that doesn’t mean it’s collectible. I think you’ll find it’s worth less than a pound!’ or ‘Just because you’ve seen something similar on eBay for that much doesn’t mean it’s worth that much here. Are you forgetting that Ebay reaches an international audience and this is Kenilworth?’ Aghhhh, rant over. All that said I did manage to pick up some bargains.

After the carboot I rushed home to give Lily a hug and let her out for the loo and then headed over to my Nan’s in Worcester for her charity afternoon tea party. Most of my family have FSH Muscular Dystrophy and my Nan was holding a tea party come bring and by sale to raise money for a neuromuscular centre in Birmingham. Other members of the FSH peer support group have also been holding events and doing fundraising so fingers crossed they’ll continue to do well. Unfortunately I forgot my camera so I can’t show you the little tables all set up with vintage tablecloths, china and cake stands. I ate lots of Bara brith cake, which was kind of like a fruit loaf type thing. I’ve never had it before and it was delish.

P.S. A big thank you to everyone who bought one of my handmade Poppies. I’ve raised £36.50 and the cheque will be going off to my local Poppy Appeal branch tomorrow.


  1. Wow I had that exact Fuzzy Felt farm set when I was little!!
    Well done on the poppies - I was selling crocheted poppies this year and made £30 for the poppy appeal :-) people must love the handmade touch when it comes to poppies! :-)

  2. Great car boot buys, well done on th esale of the poppies. xxx

  3. Like Louisa I had Fuzzy Felt Farm, too! What great finds especially those fabulous maxi dresses.
    God, doesn't it get your goat when they say "that goes for loads on eBay"? Why don't they blimming well stick it on eBay themselves, silly trouts?
    Great news about the poppies. Are you watching I'm A Celeb? I'm in stitches here. xxx

  4. Congrats on the poppies, and looks like you picked up some bargains at the carboot as well!! Well done you
    Pene x

  5. Great buys :) When I was small we had a huge collection of Fuzzy Felts - my Mum still has quite a few sets left when get used when my nieces & nephew visit.

    Your parcel will be sent today - thank you for buying from me :)

  6. Hello and what great finds. I did not have fuzzy felts but my daughter did... she loved the farm one as did most of your followers by the sound of it. Good job on the poppies - I pinned mine to my bag and it looked so good I do not want to take it of so I might just leave it on for a while.
    Beverley x

  7. Well done on the poppy sales! I love the sound of charity afternoon tea, I think I might have to host one of those! x

  8. Agree, prices can get a bit high at bootsales now but looks like you got some great bargains Linda :)

  9. Super news on the poppy sales and for the findraising event x

  10. I know what you mean about car boot sales! Also charity shops can have sky high prices, a lot now seem to be more expensive than antique shops.
    Glad you had some great finds, and well done on your lovely poppies!!

    Sharon xx

    PS The Aussie comments made me titter!!!

  11. Wow didn't you do well. You almost bought another carboot table full, but some great bargains there. Well done with your poppies, your contribution will be really appreciated I'm sure.

  12. Well done and a huge thank you on making and selling the poppies and donating the money, I love mine, Lucey xx


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