Monday 1 November 2010

Just a Quick Post

Just a quick rambling post as I’m having a ‘sort my life out’ day today, which basically involves working out how much money I haven’t got, writing lots of lists, listening to Absolute Radio, doing mountains of washing and putting lots of my Film Studies books on Amazon in an attempt to make some money for Christmas presents.
This week I’ve made a few trips to the two local tip shops and picked up a few cheap and cheerful goodies. I also picked up an amazing blue wool coat from a charity shop, but unfortunately it’s a size 20 and is too big for me so it will be one for the Bicycle Basket Bazaar next month. I’m not sure how old it is, any ideas? The collar’s a later addition and has been loosely tacked on. It doesn't photograpg very well as you cant see the lovely wool material and texture. In ‘sorting my life out’ I’ve tided everything I’ve bought away except the coat so apologies for the lack of pics.

Yesterday I popped along to the Discover Vintage fair in Leamington to say hi to Jo from Hesta Nesta who I met at the Vintage and Homemade Fair. I took Jo one of my handmade Poppies as she had left me a blog comment asking if I’d be making any more. It was a good job I had more than one in my handbag as a lady complimented me on my poppy as I was browsing the stalls and asked to buy one, so that’s £26 for the Poppy Appeal now. Vintage Vicki from the Vintage and Homemade Fair also had a stall at Leamington with her lovely vintage fabric goodies. I was extremely restrained, not taking any money except the entrance fee to the fair, as I’ve managed to rip one of my car tyres on a pot hole and am being sensible and prioritising that expense over pretty vintage goodies.

The lady running the fair complimented me on my handbag as I was paying the entrance fee. It’s my favourite handbag in the whole wide world. My Mum bought it for me from some sort of fete or fair a few years ago and I thought I should start using it rather than keeping it on its pedestal. I used it for my friends’ Graduation Ball and one of my friends spent most of the evening offering to hold it because he thought it looked great with his tux. Yes he’s gay.


  1. I need a good old sort out too. The shape/style of the blue coat is very 20s, altho it might be a later version.

  2. Hi Amy! hope you've had a good weekend. The coat is fabulous, like the last lady says it looks very 1920's but could be a 1950's version as that blue colour was very popular then. What a shame it's too big.
    Love the handbag. xxx

  3. Hi Amy, I also went to Leamington on Sunday, shame I didn't see you. I love your handbag too.
    Ann x

  4. Love the coat pity about the size though, do you have any poppies still for sale as I'd love one, Lucey xx

  5. I love having a 'sort my life out days' hope yours goes well. It did make me laugh when you said working out how much money you haven't got.....I know that feeling well. Lovely coat, great find :) x

  6. hi amy, love the coat. Would like the spotty china, can you conatct me with details, thanks, Paula

  7. Just poppped on over to check out the rest of your blog - were did you get the fabric that is on the display of your poppy? I have a piece that came with a vintage dress dummy and I have been using it for linings on my bags. Would be nice to know a bit of its history and how old it is. Thanks again for such a lovely refreshing blog.
    Beverley x

  8. I love that coat - what a fantastic find!!!
    Can't wait for the Bicycle Bazzar!!!


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