Wednesday 28 July 2010

A big thank you for all your lovely message on my Goodwood post because....I WON, and I’m sure it’s all because of the good vibes you sent in your messages, lol. I’m not only excited because I’ve won, but because my entry wasn’t simply ‘pulled out of a hat’, it was chosen by Vintage at Goodwood organiser Wayne Hemingway. So one of my bestests, Faye, and I are off to Goodwood from the 13th until the 15th. Accommodation wasn’t included in the prize and I was a bit worried that everywhere nearby was going to be booked up, but I managed to book us into a lovely B&B nearby. The rooms and gardens look lovely, and it didn’t break the bank.

After inviting Faye, the first thing she said was ‘Oh my God, what am I going to wear?’. My answer? ‘I really wouldn’t worry about it because everyone’s going to be so ridiculously cool and vintagesque that we’re going to look totally ordinary anyway’. So that’s that sorted. I’m going to be working hard carbooting and ebaying so that I can buy lots of lovely things while I’m there, and the list of things needed for the new house may have to temporarily go on hold. I think it’s highly likely that I’ll be coming back with something like this, or this.

Wednesday 21 July 2010

Vintage at Goodwood..owww I want to go

I've recently entered a competition on the B&Q website to win tickets for Vintage at Goodwood; Celebrating 5 Decades of British Cool. It looks a-mazing, but although the tickets are pretty bargainous for who and what is going to be there, I still can't justify the money. Of course if I were to win the tickets then the money for a hotel and travel would be totally justifiable! There are some really good entries on there, much better than mine, so I'm not holding out much hope, but hey you've got to be in it to win it.

Below is my entry, along with the pics I submitted.

Vintage Loveliness

For as long as I can remember I have been ‘rescuing’ unloved vintage furniture and miscellaneous from carboot sales, tips shops and Freecycle and squirreling it all away in various family members lofts and garages until I had my own home. Well as of last week I finally have my own home, and every corner of it is filled with vintage loveliness! I’ve mixed the old with the new to create a functional yet, hopefully, interesting home.

One thing that I’ve always struggled with is how to display my many vintage, retro and just plain modern items. Having Aspergers (a form of autism) means that I crave order and organisation, but certainly not at the cost of style. Over the years I’ve found ways to mix my love of vintage with functionality; My jewellery is kept in a vintage key cabinet, shoes in an old wire gym-shoe unit, craft items in a 50s kitchen utility cabinet, complete with a pull out table, and a old travel trunk serves as my coffee table. A small portion of my vintage china collection is kept in a 50’s china cabinet, with my vintage sewing box sitting close by, and a collection of tins and vintage children’s annuals nestling next to the modern(DVDs), on made to measure book shelves. But my favourite, my absolute favourite, has to be my 50s light up cocktail cabinet, where on opening, multicoloured shot , lemonade and Babycham glasses are illuminated and ice is ready to be dispensed from the obligatory pineapple ice bucket. Del Boy would be proud

Tuesday 20 July 2010

On With The To Do List

Today I took advantage of the weather and decided that I’d attempt to get a few more things ticked off my To Do List by painting some furniture in the garden. The vintage folding shelves my mum bought for me from a carboot sale last week were transformed with a few coats of blossom white paint and will come in very handy for the next Bicycle Basket Bazaar, which this month (31st) is being held on the piazza outside All Saints Church in Northampton, 12 until 4pm.

I also painted my small hall table, which turned out to be a minor disaster, with me smashing my new lamp while trying to wrestle the table into the garden and then a big fat grasshopper landing on the wet table, leaving a nice dent in my paintwork.

My step dad also came round to plant the many varieties of perennials him and my mum had bought for me and he also put my bag rails up, meaning I could unpack another two boxes. More ticked off the To Do List.

My next task is to Ebay/carboot/Bicycle Bazaar to fund a fireplace for my living room and some kitchen shelves to display my vintage tins and general kitchenalia. The picture below is of something I picked up at my local carboot sale and is something I’ve never seen before; a chamois glove cleaning set, complete with instructions. I think I’ll be taking this along to the Bicycle Bazaar, along with some other recent vintage finds.

On Thursday I’m off to the Agatha Christie festival in Harrogate with my Nan. I’m looking forward to relaxing in the hotel with Miss Marple, probably The Thirteen Problems, and enjoying some delicious meals and cream teas. I’ll try and take lots of pics, and when I return I am most definitely on Fat Club i.e. Weight Watchers, before my little legs can no longer carry me.

Friday 2 July 2010

Excuse the Mammoth Blog.

I’ve finally, finally moved house! Watching the removal men unloading my worldly goods, which I’ve had in storage for 6 weeks, I was amazed at just how much stuff I actually have. ‘Where do you want the bureau?’ they shouted. ‘It’s NOT a bureau, it’s a 1950s cocktail cabinet!’. So needless to say, almost 2 weeks after my stuff was shipped in, I’m still unpacking, aghhh. Fortunately I’d over prepared and booked 4 weeks off work.

I still have a mass of stuff still sitting below the stairs and my spare room/craft room looks like a grizzly bear’s been in and rifled through everything. My progress in the spare room has been majorly hampered by the fact that I have, for the second time in a year, lost the screws to the spare bed. Hmm, as I told the woman at Ikea when I went to order more parts, ‘I’ve put them in a Tupperware container with a green lid, somewhere so safe I can’t find them’.
When my spare room does start to take some sort of shape I have the most amazingly amazing 1950s kitchen utility cabinet that I got from a lovely lady on Freecycle who was clearing out her late Uncle’s house. When the usual 40 per day emails from Freecycle popped into my Inbox I huffed and puffed and cursed the moderators for not removing me from the mailing list like I’d asked... and then, oh dear god, a 50s utility kitchen cabinet. I replied to the email right away hoping that I would be the first to reply, and was devastated when the lady kindly replied that I was the second person to respond and that since then she’d been inundated with people wanting to take it off her hands. I was even more devastated when she managed to upload a picture of the cabinet to the site and it was beautiful. Anyway, knowing how Freecycle works and knowing that the cabinet could only be collected at certain times on certain days, I told the lady how keen I was on the cabinet and being the second in line for the cabinet, not to hesitate in contacting me if it somehow became available. Anyway, to cut a long story short, the first emailer couldn’t collect, the lady liked my email address (retrodollybird) and knew that the cabinet would be cherished by me, I sent my mum and cousin to collect the cabinet as I had to be at the new house for the removal men and assumed the cabinet would be light like the majority of their kind. The cabinet turned out to be very tall and very heavy, and my excellent stepdad and his brother had to finish work early and rush over to put it on their roof rack, while being told by my mum and I, ‘It was too good to miss!’. Despite my cousin being very anti-vintage, he actually loves the cabinet and keeps checking on it like it’s a new baby every time he visits.

Talking of new babies, I would like to announce the arrival of Lily Young, a 2 year old black Scottie dog weighting 15.9 lbs. She may be 2, but she’s my new baby and although bought rather than rescued, she is as the vet put it, basically a rescue dog. She’s a bit like my Mum’s Scottie Jack. Totally unsocialised except for dogs, scared yet interested in everything, only part toilet trained, not lead trained and not used to regular meal times or dog food. The vet seemed to think she was probably kept by a breeder for breeding and for whatever reason, sold onto her next owner, and then to me; the woman I bought her from being unable to cope with training a 2 year old who you’d expect to be trained. Luckily, suspicious of her low price, I bought lily with open eyes and expected her to need as much work as Jack. Fortunately she doesn’t, just the basics that a new puppy would, and in return she is the most loving, faithful and sweetest baby girl ever. She’s also very stubborn and insists that since I can open the drawers under my bed, she will find a way to do it too.