Monday 25 April 2011

Stratford Upon Avon Decorative Fair

I hope everybody's had a lovely Easter! I had a lovely day on Saturday at the Decorative Fair in Stratford Upon Avon and met lots of lovely sellers. Stratford was full of tourists enjoying the sunshine and it was a good job I took a decent amount of extra stock to top up my stall. The vintage sunglasses I took along sold particularly well with the nice weather and I'm spending today making more vintage annual/map envelopes as I sold lots of those too.

The Town Hall venue was beautiful and Lucy did a fantastic job of hosting the fair.

My spare room is now looking a bit tidier after me spending most of yesterday re-organising my 'stock' shelves. I'll soon be sorting my mum's loft to see what things we've squirrelled away over the years and I'm trying to avoid charity shops and car boot sales until I've been through the loft as there's a ridiculous amount of things in there for me to put on my stalls. I'm also desperate to hunt out a large railway station perpetual calendar that I know my mum has up there somewhere. Stephen and Judy of All Things Vintage & Beautiful had a desk sized one of their stall at the fair and it reminded me how beautiful and useful they are.

Right I'm off to make some envelopes and catch up with some blogs. On that note I'm sorry if I haven't got around to reading everyones blogs yet. I love reading them but with the amount of lovely blogs  I follow and the time consuming word verification things on lots of blogs there is just not enough hours in the day. Does anyone else struggle to keep up with their favourite blogs or is it just me?  xxx

Friday 22 April 2011


The sun is shining, I've got a yummy M&S salmon and potato salalad to eat, my Vintage & Handmade Fair flyers are back from the printers, and I'm in Stratford for the Decorative Fair tomorrow; there's also going to be a St George's Day parade! What's not to be happy about x

I'm so excited about these that my neighbours will be receiving them 2 months early :)

Saturday 16 April 2011

Time for Tea

Today is the second day of attempting to get my vintage tea cups, saucers and sandwich plates into some semblance of order. I haven't cooked all week because I couldn't find my kitchen surfaces (seemed like a good idea to unpack my collection at the time).

This is one of my favourites
The reason for organising it all? The vintage tea room at my Vintage & Handmade Fair of course. Yes I know it's not until the 3rd July but I'm trying to get as much as possible done during my week off. All the china is to be organised, washed, polished and wrapped in nice clean boxes and nice clean tissue paper (that cost my mum a fortune for the amount I needed - thanks Mum!).

Yesterday one of my best friends, Faye, came over to help me. She was in charge of washing, me drying and polishing and we reverted to our days of house sharing at uni, ticking along like a well oiled machine. We of course had to wander off to the pub for food and taste test some cakes my mum brought over so we didn't exactly maximise our time, but fingers crossed I'll be finished late this evening. The tea cups, saucers and sandwich plates look so civilised and I'd quite like to sit down with a cupa and one of these delish cupcakes my friend's perfected over the last two weeks (she wasn't going to let runny butter icing beat her and she's spent every evening trying to get 'just the right consistency').

Only 70ish sandwich plates to wash, dry/polish & pack! Amy xxx

Thursday 14 April 2011

Exciting Vintage Fair Preparations

I haven’t blogged or had chance to read any blogs for a while, but now I’m nearing the end of a week off work I’ve finally caught up with the million and one things on my To Do List and can partake in a bit of blogger time.

I’m looking forward to catching up with everyone’s blogs and seeing what fab things you’ve rescued from car boots and charity shops and what pretty things have been made. In my spare time I’ve been busy car booting (buying and selling), ebaying, gardening, catching up with friends and family and of course basking in the the lovely sunshine we’ve had. I’ve also been busy doing a practise set up of my stall for The Decorative Fair in Stratford on Saturday the 23rd April.

I’m really excited to announce that I’ll be hosting my very first Vintage & Handmade Fair at Hatton Park Village Hall, Warwick on Sunday 3rd July. I’ve already had booking from lots of lovely bloggers and if you’re interested in having a stall of would like to come along on the day then please visit the Blighty Boutique Vintage & Handmade Fair blog for more info. The blog’s a work in progress at the moment as I’m not the most computer literate person in the entire world, but it’s all in hand, promise.

I’m also really excited to be fundraising for The West Midlands Neuromuscular Centre Appeal as part of the Fair! No Vintage & Handmade Fair is complete without a vintage style tea room and for this event our tea room will be manned (or womaned) by volunteers with all proceeds going to the NMC Appeal.

The appeal is one close to my heart as many members of my family experience FSH Muscular Dystrophy and there is little knowledge or specialist care available for neuromuscular conditions. The Appeal needs to raise £250, 000 to open the specialist neuromuscular centre, the building having already been kindly donated by the Patrick family. The centre will be similar to that of the NMC Cheshire and will provide physiotherapy, osteopathy, soft tissue massage, acupuncture and hydrotherapy. The centre will also be able to offer information, help and support, and create a small IT enterprise run by muscle disease patients themselves. The centre is also forging links with local colleges to enable training courses to be provided.

Right I'm off to peruse all your lovely blogs. Amy x

Friday 1 April 2011

Back Soon

Back soon, miss you all! I'm in the process of sorting through a mountain of car boot finds from last week (to give you some idea of the mountain, I managed to spend £50 at the car boot), a load of stuff mum liberated from a skip (lots of utility plates, pressed glass, vintage books and enamel plates), catching up on some work at home, catching up with family and organising myself for the vintage fairs I'll be at. I also have a little project in the pipeline in organising my own vintage and handmade fair. I'll have lots to blog about once I've got that little lot out of the way! Have a fab weekend lovelies. Amy xxx