Tuesday 20 July 2010

On With The To Do List

Today I took advantage of the weather and decided that I’d attempt to get a few more things ticked off my To Do List by painting some furniture in the garden. The vintage folding shelves my mum bought for me from a carboot sale last week were transformed with a few coats of blossom white paint and will come in very handy for the next Bicycle Basket Bazaar, which this month (31st) is being held on the piazza outside All Saints Church in Northampton, 12 until 4pm.

I also painted my small hall table, which turned out to be a minor disaster, with me smashing my new lamp while trying to wrestle the table into the garden and then a big fat grasshopper landing on the wet table, leaving a nice dent in my paintwork.

My step dad also came round to plant the many varieties of perennials him and my mum had bought for me and he also put my bag rails up, meaning I could unpack another two boxes. More ticked off the To Do List.

My next task is to Ebay/carboot/Bicycle Bazaar to fund a fireplace for my living room and some kitchen shelves to display my vintage tins and general kitchenalia. The picture below is of something I picked up at my local carboot sale and is something I’ve never seen before; a chamois glove cleaning set, complete with instructions. I think I’ll be taking this along to the Bicycle Bazaar, along with some other recent vintage finds.

On Thursday I’m off to the Agatha Christie festival in Harrogate with my Nan. I’m looking forward to relaxing in the hotel with Miss Marple, probably The Thirteen Problems, and enjoying some delicious meals and cream teas. I’ll try and take lots of pics, and when I return I am most definitely on Fat Club i.e. Weight Watchers, before my little legs can no longer carry me.


  1. Oooh where di you get those long peg rails??
    I have been after some for ages but can only find short length ones!

  2. They are lots of short ones screwed side by side. They were really cheap from Ikea years ago and they don't do them anymore as I could really do with some more for the backs of doors. I can't bring myself to buy hooks from Homebase as they're so expensive for what they are! x

  3. Hi Amy, love your bag rails, I could do with something similar. Hopefully will get to see you on the 31st. Enjoy your Agatha Christie weekend, sounds like great fun.
    Ann x

  4. Your collections are amazing, Amy. Love the blogx

  5. Hi Amy. is that last pic your collection? The reason i ask is that the pink cup and saucer in the foreground to the left. I have one of those from my Nan and I want to get another. Do you know what it is called please.
    Joy x


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