Tuesday 23 November 2010

One Lovely Blog Award

Thank you to Laura at Vintage Laura and Bruce at Eclectic Ephemera for this lovely blog award.

I'm now passing this onto some of my favourite lovely blogs .

Lemonade Kitty, The Undomesticated Scientist, The Felt Fairy, Andi's English Attic, Birdcages & Butterflies, Deer Little Fawn, Fraggle Cats, Hesta and the Pugs, Ivy Black Chat and Miss Creativity xxx


  1. Thank you, you sweetie. I'm going to accept with a big chocolately smile because I'm noshing a Galaxy at the moment!xx

  2. I am so excited, thank you Amy for my first Blog Award!!
    Jo xx

  3. Ohhhh Em n Elliot the cat/ fluffy hand warmer say thank you :0) xxx

  4. Congratulations on the award, Amy! Well deserved. xxx

  5. Hi Amy! I just realised I didn't say thank you on here for this!! Sorry! I did accept the award and thank you on my blog I just totally forgot to reply here. Thanks so much! You rock! Hope you are having a good week and aren't too freezing! :) xx

  6. Thank you Amy for your comments and thank you for the blog award I have never had one before so I have added it with pride. You are welcome to the gift and hope you also put it on your fridge with pride....
    Beverley x


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