Saturday 6 November 2010

Seven Things

I was very excited to receive another Versatile Blogger Award, this one from the lovely Em at Fragglecats.

This one’s taken me a while to post because I’ve tried and tried to think of seven interesting things to say about myself, but unfortunately I’m not a particularly interesting person so finally here’s seven general things about myself.

1) I love vintage furniture, but for some reason it’s extra special when it’s been discovered in a tip shop or at a carboot, or was otherwise generally bargainous.

2)      I don’t know what I’d do without my Mum. She’s super duper and I love her a million trillion (as I said when I was a kid). When I was younger I also used to draw her pictures or write her notes and leave them on her pillow before I went to bed. I probably spend more time with her than anyone else.

3) As you all know I have a dog, Lily. However, to me she’s not a dog she’s a baby and she has her own booster seat style cushion in the front passenger seat of the car, a little seat belt and a blanket. For the three days a week that I work I drop her off at my mum’s with her lunch and tell her to be a good girl. I even ask her if she’s had a nice day when I pick her up. Yes I’m very strange!

This isn't Lily, it's a pic from Google. I'm not quite this mad yet! Lily's the scottie girl in the sidebar pic

4) I love crime fiction and gothic fiction. I’d never read anything gothic until I covered the module at uni. I hate horror films and stories and I thought gothic would be like that, but it isn’t and I love it, all the vivid descriptions, white throats and full red lips etc. My favourite gothic literature is Dracula and Angela Carter’s short story The Lady of the House of Love. In fact I love all of the stories in The Oxford Book of Gothic Tales. It has stories from so many different periods and I like the fact that it’s short stories so I’m not committed to reading the entire thing.

5) I’m not great with technology and I probably wouldn’t have a blog if it wasn’t for my mum having one first and then explaining the whole concept to me. My first thought was, ‘why would anyone be interested in what I write?’, but now I have lots of lovely followers and I love reading everybody’s blogs of general goings on in their lives.

6) Owww, I’m struggling now. Erm….I used to collect advertising mugs when I was younger, because they were easy and cheap to pick up from carboots, so the perfect thing for a kid to collect. I realised a few months ago that I no longer seem to collect anything in particular, just vintage stuff in general, and I felt a bit lost that I didn’t collect something specific. Well now I do, vintage Woman’s Illustrated magazines. I bought one from Caroline at the Bicycle Basket Bazaar and now buy them from eBay whenever I can afford to. They’re so interesting and the adverts are great. Who knew they had Spanx style underwear and exercise workouts in the 50s!

7) I love vintage tea sets and aprons. There’s something so civilized about tea in a tea pot and cup and saucer and I especially love afternoon tea. My Nan and I have it wherever we go. I haven’t been to tea at the Ritz yet, but my Nan has. It’s on my to do list, although really I’d eventually like to run through the whole Top 10 on this website’s list;

Thanks again for the award Em! I now need to pass it on and I’m passing it to Lady Cherry Loves. I love her blog, I'd love to know more about her and she’s also a lover of afternoon tea x


  1. Awww *blushes* thank you very much Amy, I shall have a think too and post tomorrow. I feel very flattered!

    I'm not great with technology either, I only want to know what I need to know, and that is all! And I love crime fiction too, I read all of Agatha Christie's novels when I was a teenager, they are so....dark and dramatic! x

  2. Small world, we stopped at the Travel Lodge in Newcastle and its just around the corner from the dancing octopus!

    Love your little baby.

  3. I've never read any Angela Carter stories. I might give them a go (although I have a huge pile of books waiting to be read... Heck, what's one more!) Thanks for mentioning the author.
    I haven't had tea at the Ritz but I have had tea at Harrods. Very nice. xx

  4. Must mention that the dog in the pic above is from Google and isn't my baby! I'm not quite that mad...well not yet x

  5. Lily looks fantastic...what a pampered pooch!

    Nice fun-time post (-;

  6. Amy if you will contact me via my email I have a vintage womans own mag you can have with pleasure.
    Have a lovely weekend (whats left of it)
    Beverley x

  7. I bet Lily loves sitting on her booster seat, she probably thinks she's a human lol. x

  8. It's lovely to find out more about you :) x

  9. Hi Amy
    The poppy is gorgeous and I have been asked by several people where I got it from. I agree with you, I would love to have tea at the Ritz. Hubby and I had tea at Liberty in London which was very civilised, cucumber sandwiches with the crusts cut off and all that was divine.
    Jo xx

  10. We'll do 'Tea at the Ritz' as soon as you reach yout target! My treat! You'll have to make do with tea at The Vines for now!!!!

  11. I love finding out more about you, Amy! You're such an interesting lady. xxx

  12. It was lovely to hear more about you, we are so alike its scary!
    Mums are simply the BEST! I live 90 miles away from my mum so I speak to her every day on the phone and miss her so so so much, she is my world.
    oh and PS. My cat is my baby too (poor puss!) x


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