Friday 5 November 2010

Goodies Galore

Last night was the Aspire Solihull launch party preview. Catie, who does their blog, had mentioned a few weeks ago that they were looking for bloggers to go to the launch party and with Aspire being my top favourite gifty girlie shop I jumped at the chance. As I mentioned a few posts ago, I had also recently given Aspire a vintage dressing table for the new store and they had very kindly given me gift voucher. The dressing table looked fab adorned with pretty jewellery and right next to it was their newest range of dresses from Vintage Allure. I fell in love with a satin black and leopard print number but managed to resist.

I bought a few bits and pieces (sorry no pics as they’re for presents), my aunt came out with bags full of Christmas presents and my cousin bought herself the Paper Plane wallet, which she has almost every item of (just missing the messenger bag), and I have the vast majority of. It’s such a fab range and as you can see is very vintage inspired.
We enjoyed a glass of bubbly and even got a goodie bag with our purchases containing a lovely cherry lip balm that I’ve wanted for ages, and lots of other lovely bits. I would have taken lots of pics of the new store but my camera had ran out of battery and although I’d borrowed my uncles I forgot to pick up the computer cable.

Before heading to Aspire in the evening I had spent the afternoon in Melbrick’s garden centre. I love garden centres around Christmas time and since Melbrick’s was near to one of our work appointments, my uncle (who’s also my boss) and I obviously had to pop in. We had a yummy lunch there and I bought some Christmas presents and the bits and bobs below (Although the felt house was from a quick trip to John Lewis after Aspire).

I also neglected to mention in last weeks posts that I had inadvertently bagged one of the moment’s most wanted dresses. The Pearl Lowe for Peacocks daisy lace dress. In fact I actually bagged two, one of which is now on eBay, as I wasn’t sure what size to get. When I ordered it I hadn’t realised all the hype surrounding the dress until the next day. Apparently fashonistas everywhere have been trying to get their hands on them, including Courtney Love and Holly Willoughby, who waited weeks for one in her size. It was rather bargainous considering it’s not at all flimsy and lots of cute detailing. I also bought another lace style dress from her range, which up until yesterday I loved, but will now be being returned or exchanged because all the bloody lace seems to have melted at the back? It must have arrived like this since I’ve worn it for a total of 4 hours and haven’t been near anything remotely hot or flammable. That said, it is a very lovely dress and having lusted after Pearl’s dresses for years and been unable to afford one, it’s nice she’s done a cheaper version for us mere mortals.

The Most Wanted Daisy Lace Dress


  1. The dressing table looks amazing in the shop. Bet you were so proud. That dress is gorgeous. I love Pearl Lowe. She bought a dress off me on eBay last year, I nearly died of delight. xxx

  2. I love Aspire too but have only been to the Oxford one. Your dressing table looks great for display, they must have been really pleased. Love the dress too, how lucky you managed to get your hands on it.
    Ann x

  3. Hi Amy. I was dining out on my Pearl Lowe story for weeks!
    I'm winding every down ready for my hols so if there is anything that takes your fancy let me know. Mates get very special rates! xxx

  4. That is a beautifully dressed dressing table. I love the Bye Bye Baby purse. xx

  5. fab post on the Aspire Style opening - wish I'd been there :)

  6. sounded like a lot of fun!


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