Monday 25 October 2010

A Great Weekend at the Vintage and Homemade Fair

Saturday was the Vintage and Homemade Fair and my mum and I had a really lovely day. All of the stallholders had lush selections of vintage and handmade goodies and it was great to meet lots of fellow bloggers, old and new, including fair organisers Ann of Vintage at the Cornerhouse and Debbie of Home Thoughts from Vintage Wants, Jo of Hesta and the Pugs, Wend of Ticking Stripes, Sharon of The Crafty Trundler, Lindsay of Elsie Sparrow and Gill  The Vintage Gardener and her husband.
I managed to restrain myself and stick to buying Christmas presents rather than bags of stuff for me. There was a great turn out and even children that had been dragged along seemed to enjoy themselves. I had a little chuckle when I overheard a young boy telling his younger brother off for touching the felt poppies I’d made and was selling in aid of the Poppy Appeal. ‘Don’t touch those! They’re special ones…they’re handmade you know!!’ Glad to see he attributed such value to something handmade, lol. You would have thought they were made of gold they way he emphasised the 'handmade' part. I made £23 for the Poppy Appeal so thank you to everybody who bought them! I wish I’d made more poppies as I ran out quite quickly and mum and I even had to take ours off for a lady to buy.

I look very vain having only taken photos of my own stall, but we used my mum’s camera for most of the pics so I’m hoping there are some good ones on there of all the lovely stalls.


  1. Hi Amy, great to see you on Saturday, your stall was great. The idea of selling your felt poppies was brilliant, I am so pleased you did so well . Hopefully see you and your mum again soon.
    Ann x

  2. Looks fab!!
    I only wish I lived nearer.

    PS. The word verif was 'Seduce' How bizarre!!! Oooh Matron!

  3. Your stall looks very pretty :) Love the idea of the felt poppies - what a lovely way to raise money :)

  4. Lovely to meet you, and your mum too!!
    I'm sorry I didn't get pics of everyone's stalls, but you know how it is. I will have to bring my partner next time with his camera!!!
    Great idea with the poppies! I just love what the little boy said : )
    I'm sure if you want to have a stall next time, you'll just need to e-mail Ann, or Debbie, or leave a message on their blog. Look forward to seeing you again : )


  5. Your stall looks so colourful and enticing, Amy! I reckon I'd spend a fortune if I came along to one of the fairs you and your Mum do.
    How brilliant that you made £23 for the poppy appeal. That little boy was wise beyond his years. xxx

  6. Looks lovely. I'd have spent a small fortune! I'd love to come to one of the fairs. xxx

  7. Well done - I am pleased that it went well for you.xx

  8. Hi Amy
    It was lovely to meet you and your Mum. Wish I'd bought one of your lovely poppies, are you going to make some more? It was a really lovely day and a fantastic atmosphere. See you at Leamington hopefully.
    Jo xx

  9. Your stall... Looked beautiful!
    Well done for raising money for such an amazing cause!


  10. Hi Amy, good to catch up with you on Saturday, it was a great day for all of us and im so glad you and your mum enjoyed it, i have had lots of people admiring my poppy..

  11. As you have such a gorgeous blog I have awarded yourself the Versatile Blogger Award!
    Please come and collect your well deserved badge from my blog for all to see :)

    Love, Em x

  12. The Store Looks AMAZING ... The Mirror Looks Fab ♥

  13. It all looks so lovely...Can't wait for the next Bicycle Bazzar! I shall be buying all my pressies that day...!


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