Wednesday 6 October 2010

Seven Things

Thanks to Pene at Scrap My Midlife Crisis for passing me the Versatile Blog Award! Pene’s blog is well worth a look…she’s even lived in a castle!
The rules are to link to the blogger who sent you the award, and the harder part; to share 7 interesting facts about myself. Well, here are 7 facts, although I can’t promise they’ll be interesting.

1. I love dogs. Any type; scruffy, smelly, big or small, but I particularly love terriers. They’re so cheeky and full of naughtiness. My baby is Lily a Scottish terrier, and although I no longer live at my mum’s I class the dogs there as a bit mine too. There’s Betty the Chihuahua, Jack the Scottie and Alfie the Westie.

2. I have a BA (Hons.) degree in American Studies and English from Keele. When people ask what I did at uni and I give my reply, people generally go, ‘Huh, one of those Mickey Mouse degrees?’ Well no, but I did study Mickey Mouse (I did a unit on Disney and Popular Culture). My degree was a dual honours so I got to study two different subjects. I mainly chose film and history modules in American Studies. Sometimes I really miss studying, but put me back there writing my dissertation and I’d probably cry.

3. I’m not thick, but I can be very dim! During my first year at uni I embarrassed myself in an American Studies lecture by shouting in shock, ‘Oh, is America connected to Canada then?’ Geography defiantly isn’t my strong point and I had only ever seen America on a map showing just America.

4. I live in a new house, but my favourite houses are Victorian terraces and Regency style homes. I love anything with original features and ‘oooh’ and ‘ahhh’ at the original features in people’s homes when I’m out on visits for work. Very unprofessional of me, but I can’t help it. Unfortunately lots of people don’t seem to appreciate their house's original features as much as I do.

5. I have Aspergers, but wasn’t diagnosed until I was 25. My friends and family, just like me, thought I was eccentric. It wasn’t until I started working for my uncle, who is a disability consultant, that we realised my ‘oddities’ were similar to those with Aspergers and I was referred for an assessment. It’s a bit confusing for people (even me), because I’m so called ‘high functioning’ in a lot of things, but at the same time struggle to do things such as tell the time, cross the road and understand money.
6. I’m a really visual person and love anything ‘beautiful’. When I was younger I would fill my pockets with stones, because they were all so beautiful to me that I couldn’t pick up just a few. I once came home from a pebble beach with three large bags full of them. My Nan made my cousins help carry them and they caught onto the fact that I was obsessed with them. Later that day they picked up some stones and sold them to me, knowing I couldn’t not have them. By the time my Nan found out I’d spent £15. They were made to give me my money back, and the stones. In hindsight there were big signs I had Aspergers!

7. Family and friends are really important to me. I have a really big and close extended family and find it strange that others don’t. My friends also have large families and close families. All of my friends are my best friends and I don’t see the point in spending time with people I only sort of like. I also really like my own company.

Hope I managed to make my answers semi-interesting!

I now need to send this award onto 5 lovely blogger friends.

1. Annie at Vintage at the Cornerhouse
2. Jenny at Winnibrigg's House
3. Kitty at Pea Green Kitty.
4. Annie at  Birdcages & Butterflies.
5. Vix at Vintage Vixon.
Can't wait to read your answers! xxx


  1. Cheers for the tag, Amy! I loved reading this and finding out more about you. American Studies? No wonder you've recently spent a month in the States. xxx

  2. Hi Amy, thanks so much for the award,I will do my best to think of some things to write about myself. It was fascinating reading all about you, I also studied American Studies in the first year of my degree many years ago. Looking forward to seeing you in a couple of weeks.
    Ann x

  3. Amy glad you like the award it's lovely to find out more about you. I too live in a modern house but would love to live in somewhere georgian with high ceilings and beautiful architraves (is that how you spell it?). Also love terriers, Daisy would love to have a Lily as her sister but G says one dog is enough haha.
    Pene x

  4. Hey Amy!!
    Thak You so much for the award, it means alot to be thought of.
    I have had a similar award recently so it may be difficult to think of interesting things, but I will defo give it a shot!!
    It was fab reading all about you too, I love it that we are so similar in many ways.

  5. Hey Amy! It is all true! Love You! love Mum x

  6. HeHeHe!! Thanks for the Shoe advice, I will def bear that in mind when I go in next, I have seen the boots i want but not actually tried them on yet.

  7. Hi Amy
    Thank you for the tag. I love hearing more about my bloggy friends it makes you all so much nearer. I think I've done this 'interesting things' thing before so will struggle a bit, but will have a go.

  8. Its nice to get to know you better. I live in Longton, Stoke, so Keele is not too far away. Off tomorrow for a night out in Newcastle, bet you know all about that!


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