Friday 22 October 2010


Firstly, a big hello to all my new followers, and secondly a big apology for not having replied to comments yet. I have had such a busy week at work that I haven't checked Blogger or my emails for two whole days. I didn't even have chance to blog about my lovely Mum doing a giveaway to promote my blog, thanks Mum! So today I will be catching up on comments, finishing bits off for the Fair tomorrow and dealing with some silly Ebay buyers who don't understand how it works and launch paypal disputes before contacting me, or insist on sending items back that are in fact brand new and perfect. Grrr. Thanks for all the lovely comments, I really appreciate it  x 

p.s. Lily's in season at the moment (because I bought her as a sort of rescue I wasn't sure if she'd been spayed), and she's thoroughly exhausted after harassing my Mum's poor Alfie (who's ben castrated) to death with unwelcome advances and general flirtaciousness.


  1. Oh I say - your Lily sounds like a proper floozie! I was the very lucky winner of your Mum's giveaway, so I'm a very happy blogger. Good luck sorting out your e-bay buyers!xx

  2. Lily looks knackered bless her!
    Ebay buyers..gotta love em! There's nothing like a paypal dispute when you've done all the right things!
    I've got a bit of a giveaway on the go...if you fancy a freebie or two, drop

  3. Lily's got the same blanket as my cats! She sounds a naughty girl, bless her.
    Ebay can be great for ages, the like buses, a whole load of idiots come along at the same time. Good luck at the fair!

  4. Good luck with your ebayers - am sure some of them can't read ;)

    I was also lucky enough to win via your Mum's blog - was a lovely surprise & I had great fun choosing from all the pretty things.

  5. I like naughty Lilly's dog collar!

  6. Poor Lily :( She's absolutely gorgeous!

  7. I am loving Ebay at the moment too: I currently have one that does not understand the concept of paying for things - good luck! xx

  8. Poor Lily! What a little minx she is ;-)

  9. Hi Amy, It was great to see you, and your mum yesterday, and I really hope you had a great day. It was so busy wasn't it?
    Will you be doing the next one in March? Would be great to see you, if you are! I really need to replenish my stock now, but that's good isn't it?
    Have a lovely week : )

    Sharon xx

  10. Hi Amy
    It was lovely to meet you and your lovely Mum at the fair. It was a fantastic day and a great atmosphere everyone was so lovely. I do love Lily, she is gorgeous, one of our Pugs is a Lily. Hope you get those problem Ebayers sorted out soon!! See you next weekend.
    Jo xx

  11. Oh no,poor thing!! She has just taken over all of the space...hasnt she?!!


I really appreciate all of your comments even if I don't always get chance to reply to them all x