Saturday 2 October 2010

Jumble Sale Mayhem

I spent most of yesterday re-organising my spare bedroom, which is in fact no longer a spare bedroom as it doesn’t have a bed. The IKEA day bed was put on eBay, my bag rails moved to another side of the room and a set of shelves from the very full garage was wrestled up my stairs. My vintage fair and bazaar stock was beginning to takeover the house and I decided that it was time I had some semi-organised space for it all. Also, the fact that it’s usually all bubble wrapped in boxes means it’s really hard to see what stuff I want to take to the fairs and bazaars without spending an entire day unwrapping then re-wrapping everything. So now I have this, just a small selection of my stuff as boxes and boxes are still in mum’s loft. I’ll eventually paint the shelves white when I have time. (Excuse the terrible pics) 

I spend lots of time at car boot sales and in charity and tip shops, but today was my very first jumble sale. I was amazed by how aggressive they are! I was shoved and pushed by numerous grannies and had to battle to the bric-a-brac table. My mum, having been to many a jumble sale assumed I’d know what it was like and hadn’t warned me. I was totally overwhelmed but still managed to come back with bags full. I could have cried when I saw a lady walk past me with a vintage sewing basket in the shape of a cottage with its original box. I definitely need to get better at jumble saleing. Oh well, practice makes perfect.

We went to three recycling shops on the way home and needless to say my shelves are now even fuller.


  1. They are an acquired taste, Jon and I grew up going to them and so know what to do. There are some areas that I avoid as they are so rough. I've actually been punched for grabbing something first!
    You did very well for a first timer. Love looking at your collection. xxx

  2. Looks like there are some fab finds there, I was trying to look closer at the handbags to see if there were any I liked ha ha! Whereabouts will you be selling stuff? x

  3. Fab finds!
    I need to find a jumble sale near me!!!
    I havent been to one since I was in the Brownies, Circa 1988!


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