Saturday 16 October 2010

Vintage and Home Made Fair Preparations

Next week is the Vintage and Home Made Fair and I’m getting very nervous, mainly over how to set up my stall. I have only sold at the Bicycle Basket Bazaar before and we aren’t allowed the luxury of a table there, just a bike to display things around. I’ve decided to pull my craft table out and do a practice run of setting up to calm my nerves. It will also give me an idea of what and how much to take.

On Thursday my mum, stepdad, nan, granddad, Lily and I all headed to Liverpool to visit my great grandad in his new care home. The home was really nice and he’s settled in well, cheating at cards and joking around with all of the staff. While we were in Liverpool my nan thought it best that we start clearing some things out of my great grandad’s house, as he’s now a permanent resident in the home and until his house is empty he will have to continue paying council tax. Grandad’s taken all the bits and pieces he wants around him to his new home so everything that was left was to be shared out between family members or skipped, and my nan said I may as well take anything kitsch (or quiche as she jokingly calls it) for myslf or for my stall. It felt a bit strange taking grandad’s belongings, but everyone agreed that it was better they went to my house or people who wanted them rather than in a skip.

My great grandad smokes like a chimney, as did my great grandma (we called her Gaga), so the boxes and boxes of stuff I’ve brought back all need a god airing, febreezing and washing. That’ll keep me busy for at least today and tomorrow.

Up in grandad’s loft we found a stack of old War Illustrated magazines and a big bag of bunting my Gaga must have made, which was then brought out for every Royal occasion. It’s now flapping in the wind drying on my washing line.

Have a lovely weekend everyone x


  1. Yes it is far better that they go to someone who will want and love them, be it you or someone who wants to buy them and if they do think of it as a compliment to him.

  2. Can't wait to see your stall, I am sure it will look great. That bunting could come in handy too.
    Ann x

  3. I found it odd when I cleared Grandma's house after she went into a nursing home. It feels rather odd and invasive, doesn't it?
    I bet your Great Grandad would be delighted that you've found some pieces to love.
    Good luck at the fair, can't wait to hear how you've got on. xxx

  4. I really like that box of crayons...what a lovely selection of goodies...

  5. I agree hat your great Grandad's belongings should have anew life with someone who can appreciate them rather than binned!
    It felt odd for me too when clearing my Nans house when she died, but I have some fab momentoes of her now and some cracking vintage clothes, shoes and bags!!!

  6. Really looking forward to seeing you next week!! You'll be fine, I'm sure! Hope Granddad's keeping well : )

    Sharon xx

  7. hi, am new to this blogging lark and somehow have left a comment meant for this blog on febs blog - dur! spotty china, love it. Is it still for sale


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