Sunday 14 February 2010

Huuuge New Spangly Earrings

I’ve just received my order from Lady Luck Rules OK; a fabulously huge (2.5 inches) pair of red glitter heart earrings. I’m having a belated birthday night out on Friday and these will fit right in with the 80s theme and my cool navy and white polka dot dress. is run by designer/maker Leona Baker and I’ve bought all sorts from her collections over the years, including the items pictured below. I used to wear my huuuuge acrylic strawberry necklace to lectures all of the time while at uni but had to start taking it off during lectures as it clatter loudly against the table every time I moved!

The website’s jam packed with cute and kitsch jewellery and in the past it has stocked items by other designer/makers. One of my favourites was a collection by Kandy Diamond (pictured below) of Knit and Destroy. She designs and makes the most amazingly kitsch ‘novelty’ knitted accessorise, including scarves, necklaces and rings. I bought a tape measure inspired scarf from a few years ago for a friend’s birthday and she adores it.

One of the best bits on the Lady Luck site (apart from the poptastic jewellery!) is Leona’s events page and journal. I love the write ups on different events, fayres and general goings on and often hear of other websites I end up falling in love with through these write ups. So, back to the 80’s themed night out... I best start practising the blue eyeliner and bouffant hair if I’m to look more ‘fancy dress’ than ‘crazy lady in a headband and white stilettos’ xxx

*Update* Sob Sob, Lady Luck is closing her online shop to spend more time on other projects. Can't wait to see what she moves onto!

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  1. Am admiring and lusting after after all items on you pics of your stall, but especially the spotty is still for sale


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