Saturday 15 May 2010

Moving House...well almost

I’ve spent the last few weeks packing up the massive amounts of stuff in my apartment ready to move into my new house. It was a never ending task, largely because I kept buying things from carboots, charity and second hand shops, all of which obviously needed packing! I moved out of my apartment on Tuesday and set up camp in my aunt’s spare room for what was supposed to be a few days. As with all best laid plans a few days has now turned into at least a few weeks as I’m unlikely to get a moving date before I jet off to New York next Thursday.

My original trip to America was meant to be for four weeks, but with all my house stuff ongoing my cousin went on the four week trip and her mum and I are now meeting up with her and her brother in New York. I’m super excited about going to New York as I’ve never been before, and on Ann’s ( recommendation we’re fitting in a trip to the Hell’s Kitchen flea market. My aunt loves planning trips and has got a pretty full itinerary for us all, full of the usual touristy stuff and the not quite so usual.

With me having Aspergers and being very OCD I’ve woken up in a cold sweat the past few nights. It’s stressful enough with a house move disrupting all my usual routines but the fact that all of my stuff’s in storage until I move house, including lots of stuff that I’ve been specifically saving for my America trip, is even worse! My Mum bought me a matching set of make-up bag, toiletries bag, coin purse, passport holder and luggage tag for Christmas which I tucked away to be used for my holiday and’s still tucked away, only in an inaccessible storage container. Sob. So too are all my holiday miniatures that I’d also tucked away ready for what was going to be a massive trip, and they still would have come in handy for the small one. Hmmm, how silly was I to think that my solicitor saying you’re moving house on Monday (a week and a bit before I go to NY) actually meant I was going to be moving then.


  1. Have a fab time in NY, I am really jealous of you getting to visit Hells Kitchen. Take plenty of photos to share on your blog.
    Ann x

  2. Will do! Thanks for the recommendation of Hell's Kitchen. It's just down the road from our hotel x

  3. Hells Kitchen Flea is FAB!!! I wanted to bring so much home with me but couldnt carry it all!
    Have fun!
    Cant wait to see your buys


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