Monday 30 August 2010

Hello, I'm back

I haven’t blogged for a while as I’ve had a bit of a low with my ME/Chronic Fatigue and little Lily’s had a week long tummy bug, meaning lots of carpet cleaning (eugh) and an expensive trip to the vets. After lots of rest I’m getting back on my feet and Lily’s feeling much better and thoroughly enjoying her probiotic meat paste.
I hope everybody’s having a lovely Bank Holiday. It was a nice surprise to wake up to sunshine this morning and I may even get on with planting my newbiscus. I’m definitely not green fingered and have no idea what type of plants to buy for the garden, other than lavender, lavender and more lavender, but the sign on the newbiscus stating ‘XXL Flowers’ made me buy it. I could also do with mowing my lawn but embarrassingly I still haven’t bought a lawn mower. Up until now this hasn’t been a problem because my cousin’s home from uni until the end of September and since he had decided not to get a summer job he was easily bribed with £10 to bring his mum’s mower over and do my quite large lawn. However, he realised (rather late) that having no job meant he was limited in what he could laze about doing and apparently he’s bored of watching ‘Four Weddings’ and the Disney Channel and now has a job.

So now I’m forced to do my own lawn, which I’m quite terrified of having never mowed a lawn before. So why wasn’t a lawn mower on my list of essentials when moving into a house with a big lawn? Well, as I explained to my friend yesterday, I haven’t bought one for exactly the same reason I have a TV that’s probably older than me, I hate spending money on things that aren’t for decorative purposes. She reminded me that for most people it would be the other way around. I have recently bought a new laptop, but I think that’s totally different since my Netbook was on its last legs with wires hanging out of the back and a great big crack where the hinge should have been, and I lived in fear of not being able to access the internet. I don’t really live in fear of getting lost in my very long lawn, although I probably should. Hmm, I suppose I really should buy one, but £60 on something with a very boring purpose?


  1. It is kind of for a decorative purpose in that it'll make your garden look better?? hope you and Lily are both fully recovered soon. x

  2. Hope you are feeling better, and poor Lily too. Thank you so much for the lovely swap parcel - it was very 'me'.

  3. Hope you're both feeling betetr now. xxx

  4. My Grandad left us a fabulous Hayter lawnmower. They cost a small fortune ...around £250 upwards, so i'm gratful for it and our garden looks mighty fine. Pleased you're both feeling alot better (-:

  5. Hi Amy, I have just found your blog. I absolutely love it, you are definately a girl after my own heart.

    I hope you are feeling better. You'll probably be able to pick up a lawn mower at a carboot. Have you tried ebay? Hope you feel better soon. x

  6. Hi Amy sorry to hear you and Lily are under the weather, hope your both feeling better soon. Daisy says woof woof woooof to Lily (whatever that means?)
    Pene x


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