Tuesday 28 June 2011

Hello Blogland

I haven’t been on blogger for ages and seem to have got out of the habit. Well I best get into it as I’m missing my bloggy friends. I hope everyone’s well and I’m looking forward to catching up with everyone’s latest goings on over the next few weeks (I think it’ll take me that long to get back into the swing of things).

I’m super excited for my very first Blighty Boutique Vintage & Handmade Fair this Sunday. I even attempted my very first cake last night as we’re running a cake stall for the NMC Appeal as well as the tea room and I am determined to be able to point a cake out as one I’ve made. In hindsight 10.45pm wasn’t the best time to start it, especially without all of the ingredients (I’d forgotten the cream and caster sugar, made do with granulated), but it turned out ok and fingers crossed the next one will be even better.

Obviously we had to taste test it. I have to credit a pot of Betty Crocker's for the icing
I’m on paper bunting duty today so I’m sat in my jim jams surrounded by vintage annuals and string. I can now at least find all of my crafty bits and bobs after buying three IKEA bookcases for the spare room/stock room. My other IKEA storage unit just wasn’t big enough to house my stock etc anymore and it has now gone off to a new home via eBay. I suppose I should probably mention that since my cousin and I are DIY novices not one of the three book cases we built turned out right. Oh well, they do the job and they are only for stock.

My cousin’s also painted my fence a lovely green colour and is moving onto the decking next week. He’sjust graduated from uni and is easily bribed with cash at the moment to fund travelling and festivals. He inconveniently went off to Glastonbury when I needed my lawn mowing...just can’t get the staff these days.

Right, I best get on with this bunting as I’m off to take that at 3pm. Woohoo. Have a good week and I hope to see some of you at the vintage fair xxx


  1. Hello Amy :) That's an impressive looking cake, I'm sure it will all turn out fantastic for you this weekend, your bound to raise oodles of cash xxx

  2. cake looks great, good luck with the bunting and weekend. x

  3. the cake looks good, wish i was able to jin you but there are other plans afoot!

  4. Best of luck with your fair, bugger being half a world away or I'd DEFINITELY be coming along! I was just thinking of you yesterday actually and looked at your blog again thinking I may have missed a post or something. Good to have you back.xx.

  5. The bunting looks great, so does your fence. I was wondering whether to paint our fence on the back garden the same blue as the summer house, after seeing yours I think I will :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  6. Can't wait to see you on Sunday. The cake looks yummy.
    Jo xx

  7. It looks pretty good for a late night first attempt. Love the bunting. Good luck with the fair.

  8. Hellooo! Glad to see you back. I do like the colour of your fence.
    Good luck with the fair...it will be brilliant. Wish I could come.xxx

  9. Good luck with the fair Amy, I'm sure it will be as roaring success, only wish I could come along. Love the bunting what a good idea I might have to make some, Lucey x

  10. Tons and tons of luck for thr fair, I bet you are dead excited mixed with nervous! I would have been there if I could. Love the look of your storage room, I could spend a good couple of hours in there just browing your fabby finds!
    Hope the cake goes down well,it looks fab!
    Kandi x
    p.s. do you loan your Cousin out I need one just like him.

  11. Yummy looking cake and fantastic bunting.

    X x

  12. Cor pass us a bit of cake and I might be persuaded to cut the grass. xx

  13. Glad to have you back in blogland. I hope everything goes well for you on Sunday and that the day is a huge success. Also have a great night tonight, I'm sure you will.
    I am having a giveaway on my blog, feel free to join in : ) xxx

  14. Hi Amy nice to see you back. Can fully understand how the upcoming fair in monopolizing your time but I'm sure it'll be a HUGE success!!! Wish I could come along but I have a craft fair saturday and it's a bit of along way to come for a day. Will keep my fingers crossed for you and can't wait to hear ALL about it!!
    Take care
    Pene x

  15. Lovely to see you blogging again, but kmow what you mean!! What with a busy life, I HAVENT BLOGGED FOR AGES!!! I must put that right : )
    Hope to see you Sunday, and admire what you are doing hun : )

    Sharon xx

  16. teehee, I've started so many cakes late at night and discovered I don't have the right things - last time it was muffin cases at midnight! (I may have been a little under the influence). It looks great though.

    Very good luck for the fair, let us know how it goes x

  17. Lovely to see you back. That cake looks delicious. And your bunting is very sweet. Good luck at the fair have fun, dee x

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  19. That cakes looks absolutely divine!

    I love the colour of the fence, it really makes the plants stand out.

    Good luck on Sunday, I'm sure you will do really well and have a fabulous time x

    Barrina xx

  20. Oooo I want that cake!!!

    Good luck on Sunday :)

    btw I love Being Human too ;)

  21. Wow! That word just sums up that lovely fair!!! I'm only
    11 years old and I'm lovin ur blog,fair and style!
    I brought many things at the vintage fair. I got a lovely
    Rag doll from OMG, a lovely floral coat hanger
    and a hankie case! I love the rag doll so much!!!
    Well done x ur first fair was a massive sucsess and my
    friends r all jealous of my gorjuss new purchases!

  22. Read your mum's post about the fair - well done you did brilliantly! You must be so pleased.

    I tagged you for an award/list thingie on my blog, come see! x


  23. Good luck at your fair, I did my first one a few weeks ago and loved the experience!

    Victoria xx


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