Sunday 16 January 2011

The 2011 calendar I bought in the sale from arrived this week. There were so many vintagey type calendars to choose from but in the end I settled on this Elvgren wall calendar. My first choice would have been the one featuring various 1950s wallapers but this one had already sold out. The vintage railway poster themed ones were also lovely.

My mum and I took a trip to the tip recycling shop this week and I picked up a few bits and pieces including this old enamel dish and some chipped china plates. I can’t resist pretty china even if it’s chipped or cracked and at some stage I think I’ll put it all to good use by smashing it into smaller pieces and using it for some sort of mosaic.

I also bought this book from the tip recycling shop and it’s really interesting, with lots of great pictures. The vintage wooden egg cups were also from the tip shop and are now sat on a shelf in my spare bedroom.

On Thursday evening I went to a Muscular Dystrophy Campaign fundraising meeting for the new Neuromuscular Centre in Birmingham. I came away with lots of ideas and will be getting myself into gear to get going with them over the next few weeks/months. Before the meeting I went for a meal with my Nan, Granddad, uncle and friend. I shared a Mezze with my granddad (he’d already had some sort of pork belly dish but had room for more) and it was absolutely delicious. Although I love hummus, flatbread, tzatziki and falafel, I’d never had them all together before and didn’t even know mezze’s existed. It’s definitely my new favourite meal and luckily I can eat this kind of thing with my band (excluding the flatbread).

I had my first band fill this weekend which was totally painless and it was fascinating seeing my band on an x-ray and the barium stuff I had to drink going through it. My weight loss had come to a standstill in the last week as with my band no longer tight I had been really hungry and had increased my calorie allowance slightly. I still lost 2lbs in the last week but with my band now nice and tight again and with me back on a diet of liquids and then mushed food for 6 days I’m hoping to lose a decent amount before my birthday night out on February 19th. The only problem is I can’t plan ahead with my outfit as I could lose another 10lbs to a stone by then depending on how good I am. I haven’t even seen any outfits that I like, but perhaps that’s because I’m still looking at clothes and going ‘oh I can’t wear that my hips are too big, my arms are too chubby’, when by the time my birthday night out comes they may not be. Well not as big or chubby anyway.


  1. Goodness a band your soooo young bless you. I have only just started reading your blog so i am unware of your history but goodluck with it, it takes a strong person to do this i hope you reach your goal weight what ever this is. But just remember in the mean time your still beautiful. Take care and have a lovely week, Dee x

  2. Love the egg cups - didn't see that you had bought them xx

  3. Hi Amy,

    Thanks so much for entering. I'll put you down for three tickets. Ticket numbers are posted here:

    Lovely blog, will add this to my list.

    Sian x

  4. I love the colour of those plates and those cheeky pinup girls on the calender, great choice.
    Best of luck with the liquid diet, you are one brave chick. xxx

  5. Well done with the continued weight loss Amy x

    I treated myself to a lovely vintage stylie Railway poster calender after seeing one on Kandi's blog. It turned up on Thursday and it's lovely. Love the one you have chosen too...can't justify anymore calenders though :( Well done with all your little bargain finds, those eggcups are lovely x

  6. Looks like a really fun calendar.

  7. Oh my I am so excited, I had your egg cups when I was little and have never seen them since!! There are a set of five or six and they went in a vertical wooden holder, one on top of the other, which hung on the wall! Every night for tea I had egg and soldiers and picked which egg cup holder I wanted to use. I used to play with them too and I think the noses got broken off etc and in the end they went in the mum is one for chucking things out, she isn't sentimental at all.

    Love the calendar, I think I might get something similar next year, but I got a free one with recipes on it this year...just what I need, looking at cakes all day!!

  8. The wooden egg cups are so adorable and I have been thinking about experimentiing with mosaic sometime, but feel terribly guitly about smashing up china, however if it is already chipped it does make for a wonderful mosaic project :)xx

  9. You always seem to pick up such amazing things on your travels, you must have a well trained eye haha!
    Its always so hard to find a birthday dress isn't it?! I spend days deciding what to wear and change my mind so often! Im sure the perfect one is waiting for you somewhere!

  10. Hi Amy.I love all of your vintage things. I too have a large collection of vintage bits and pieces I also make lots of vintage things-cushions bags etc-check out my blog there are lots of things on there.x.

  11. the things are fab. glad all is going well for you. big hugs, x

  12. Hun - we are partners on the swap - am not sure how to go about exchanging address or even email addresses - how do we talk to each other - want to know more about you so I can send something you will enjoy

    Thanks hun


  13. Hope you are all ok with the diet...keep it up xx


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