Saturday 1 January 2011

Resolution, or Aims, Time

Happy New Year everyone! 2010 has been a pretty big year for me. I went to America (NY) for the first time, bought my first house, started my blog, did my first vintage fair/bazaar, had my gastric band and of course got my little dog Lily. I’m a silly doggy person and I can honestly say she has brightened and changed my life. I look at her each day (probably how people look at their children) and think how much I love her. Before I got her my ‘sentimental’ suitcase full of old letters etc was top of my list to save if the house was on fire, now of course it’s her before me.

Anyway, enough of the mad dog lady stuff, how are everyone’s resolutions coming along? For some reason I don’t like the word resolutions so I’m going to call them aims. I’ve made three aims, aside from losing weight and getting healthier because I think they’re probably on everyone’s list every year aren’t they.

1. To pay of the credit cards I opened as a student. In hindsight my uni spending was ridiculous; bottles of champagne ‘because I like it’, £50 bracelets, ‘because it will finish the outfit’ (and make me feel a complete person. Obviously it didn’t), Estee Lauder cosmetics, because again they would make me a complete person. Again they didn’t, and nearly £2000 of savings gone in the first year (probably spent in Topshop). The list goes on. Ridiculous, but we live and learn and I did have a damn good time at uni!

A slimmer me with my old housemate Faye at the Humanities Ball I 'needed' the bracelet for. It's a Lola Rose number and is hidden behind my back.

2. To organise my time better so that I can do more vintage fairs and the like and manage my chronic fatigue as best I can to allow this. Part of this ‘aim’ should also be to get myself into gear and open an eBay shop to continue to thin out my burgeoning vintage collection.

3. If I want to do something or go somewhere then damn well go, even if I have to go on my own. Starting with the Rob Ryan exhibition. Oooh, I’ve just checked and it finishes on the 9th so I best be off to see it on Friday. Obviously this aim is within reason, I mean I can’t just decide to fly off to Australia now can I. Especially not with aim number 1 in mind.


  1. Happy New Year!
    Your dog is quite the sweetheart, she is so adorable. I wouldn't worry about sounding like a mad dog lady, I am infact a mad cat lady (the one who will live in a house full of cats one day)

    Number 3 I can really relate to, I am forever putting off things I want to do, for silly reasons.
    Have a wonderful New Year x

  2. Hi Amy
    I too was very naughty when I was at Uni and I was a mature student so I should have known better!!! I do however have some very lovely antiques thanks to three years of a student loan, and then one year of a post Grad!! Say no more!! Lily is gorgeous and I quite agree with you that dogs really enrich your life though how we ended up with five Pugs I can't quite work out! Have a fantastic New Year and hope to meet up again with you and your lovely Mum this year.
    Jo xx

  3. Happy New Year! I couldn't agree more about the going, even if you go on your own. It's something I'm still working on, although I do now prefer to do museums and galleries solo (except for my twin sis and one good friend who is a naturally quiet person!).

  4. Happy New Year Honey! I love New Year its a great time to push old things aside and take the bull by the horns to make any changes! Good luck with your resolutions.
    Hugs Kandi x

  5. Happy New Year, Amy! I love Lily and your resolutions are brilliant, especially the third one. Wishing you loads of love and luck in 2011. xxx

  6. Good luck with your aims, we'll look forward to hearing about them as they happen!

  7. A very excellent set of "Aims" and they have inspired me for mine too. Thanks, and Happy New year.

  8. Amy,

    Sounds like you are on track and that's the main thing. You are right to have three main aims, last year I had lots which I blogged about, some I followed more than others. I haven't thought that much about my resolutions, but I have set goals for this year, mainly to do with work on my new home :) Wishing you all the best for 2011 and looking forward to reading your blog posts

    All things nice...

  9. A Very Happy New Year to you Amy. Glad you`re getting organised so enthusiastically! I rather like the look of that sheepskin coat to the left of your pic - must look out for it on Ebay?! How`s it going with the weight loss - time to give us all a little inspiration to lose the excess mince pies!

  10. Happy New Year Amy.
    Love your Aimes for 2011.
    Luv Sophie xxx

  11. Happy New Year, Amy! I very much like your word 'aims' instead of 'resolutions' as it is not so bad if you do not succeed as you have not failed, but are simply doing your best to achieve. x

  12. Happy New Year Amy!

    I'm with you on the 'organise my time better' aim. So much to little time eh? (-;

  13. Happy New Year Amy, love your aims for 2011, could do with following those myself :) x

  14. Some great aims,Amy...good luck with them all.

  15. Happy New Year Amy and Lily, hope to see you and your mum soon. Good luck with your aims for 20011 , I am sure you will be successful.
    Ann x

  16. Happy New Year!
    I am going to join with you in trying to loose weight, be healthy, organise my time better and go places on my own if I want to go....first stop joining The Camera Club!

  17. Thank you for your card and also thank your cute little dog. Your aims are great and your blog has come on leaps and bounds since you first started (were did all those followers come from?) with regard to your eBay shop be careful as the fees have jumped up so much with paypal and everything it can be costly as I have found out to my cost! Anyway keep up the good work and see you on the 'blog'
    Beverley xx

  18. Happy New Year! Good luck with your aims for this year.

    I have decided to have a couple of aims for this year too - don't normally bother to be honest. But I am still getting over the flu at the moment so I need to think them through when I am feeling 100pc better first!

  19. Happy New Year, Yes I too think the word 'aims'is much better, good choices Linda x

  20. good luck with the resolutions the third one in particular struck a chord. Also just like to thank you for the lovely supportive comment that you left on my blog. xxx

  21. Happy New Year!
    Im too scared to get any credit cards because I know I will max them out! I have zero self control! I think its a girl thing to "need" everything! Ill join you in being sensible! Im tired of being skint all the time!
    Your dog is gorgeous! Such a cutie pie!

  22. Hi, your lovely mum left a lovely comment about my blog and told me about yours saying we shared the same interests and loves for all things vintage, she was right. You have a gorg blog and i will enjoy seeing and reading all your posts from now on. Happy new year i hope its a magical one for you. Good luck with all your projects. Dee x

  23. Wow! You achieved Alot last year! I'm impressed! I didn't realise you'd bought your own house, that's amazing. I will get a dog one day, as soon as my life/ living situation allows for it (it's been my number one goal for the last 4 years!)
    I hope this year is as good for you hon.
    Much love for the new year!
    p.s. The Rob Ryan exhibition sounds amazing, I love his stuff! I'm gonna google it asap!

  24. Awww, I'm the same with my cats, they're my kids too!
    I totally understand no.1, it all sounds so familiar. However, I am getting there, and it's partly to advice from There is really good advice about credit cards and saving and debt - such as interest free cards so you're only paying off what you owe - not the nasty interest.
    Happy New Year!
    Liz xxx

  25. Happy New Year! I've just been reading this post and noticed you have CFS too. I love your resolution to do things on your own - I need to learn to do the same. Very envious of the Rob Ryan exhibition visit, enjoy! x

  26. I think we all do the ridiculous spending too much on frivolities thing at uni, I certainly did... and learned the lesson. If I had the chance again I'd be as mad as I am now on second hand finds.


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