Saturday 22 January 2011

Goodies Galore & Lily Update

Last week I received these lovely goodies in the post from the gorgeous Vix of Vintage Vixen. She knows me so well! A pair of handsome Scotties (these had belonged to her Mum and I feel very privileged that she’s passed them onto me), kitsch and cute weeble style toy, pretty vintage tin and a Queen’s Coronation badge (she knows how much I love the Royals and any Royal vintage memorabilia).

The Scottie boys (I don’t know why I’ve decided they’re boys) are sat in my living room and the tin, badge and weeble girl are sat on my craft room bookcase display along with all some of my other treasured bits and pieces. Thanks so much Vix! She also sent me this card, haha.

Thanks for all your lovely comments wishing Lily a speedy recovery. We’ve been to the vets today and her wound is healing really well, BUT she’s having a phantom pregnancy. Now there had been some subtle changes in Lily’s behaviour over the past month but the vet and I both agree that since she is such a ‘character’ (ie. Odd bod) that it was difficult for either of us to tell whether there was something wrong with her or whether she was just being, well, odd. There were no physical signs of anything but the vet warned me that some of the behaviour I’d described could point to a phantom pregnancy, but that the behaviour in most dogs was very pronounced and that in Lily’s case there were very subtle signs that could just be down to her getting more comfortable in her still relatively new environment.

I'm going to start calling her Ermintrude now she produces milk and eats grass
Fast forward to today and she’s not only ‘nest’ building like there’s no tomorrow (I haven’t slept properly all night because my bed and me are part of that nest) but she’s also producing milk. Apparently spaying doesn’t stop the ‘pregnancy’ if it’ started before the spay as all the hormones and brain signals have already been sent. She’s now costing me a small fortune in tablets and a follow up visits and since I haven’t been paid yet I embarrassingly had to hot foot it to my mum’s to borrow the money.

Image from
She’s now happily nest building but I feel so sorry for her preparing for pups when she won’t be having any. No wonder her favourite toys at the moment are her tiny Westie and Labrador teddies, although she hasn’t been gentle with them like most ‘expectant mothers’. Instead she’s been shaking them about like terriers do when they kill rats. Hmm, it’s probably for the best that she won’t be having any pups if that’s how she’d be treating them.

Have a good rest of the weekend xxx


  1. How weird mother nature can be. I hope Lily is better soon and what a little character!

  2. Lovely little Scotties :)

    Hope Lily settles back down soon, good to hear her wound is healing nicely. x

  3. Wow! The scotties are gorgeous!!

  4. Shaking them about like rats, lol. Poor girl, but she'll feel better soon.

  5. Poor lily, hope she is back to her version of normal as soon as possible.
    I am so happy to see that you have added a "grab your button" button from my tutorial. Thrilled actually because that means my instructions work! Yippee!
    Thanks also for adding my button to your blog.

  6. Hope Lily is her old self soon. Thankyou for the blog award, my first one !xx

  7. What lovely gifts to recieve in the post! Hope lily is "recovering" well :)

  8. What a wondeful package full of lovely goodies. The vintage tin is adorable, and the Scotties are so very thoughtful.

    I hope Lily is okay and gets back to her usual self soon x

  9. Your vintage godes from Vix are fantastic. How odd the poor thing is nesting, isn't if funny how their little bodies work, bless.
    Kandi x

  10. Those boys look so handsome in their new home, I hope they keep a watchful eye on our Lily. xxx


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