Friday 25 March 2011

Bloggy Awards

I’m really flattered in having received two blog awards recently. Firstly the Stylish Blogger Award from Sugarplum Kawaii, and secondly the Liebster Blog award, which ‘recognises smaller blogs with under 300 followers’ from Victoria at Florence & Mary! Thank you so much ladies! I may have taken forever and a day to post about them but I really do appreciate them!

As part of the Stylish Blogger Award I need to tell you seven things about myself, and then pass this onto some fellow bloggers. However, I can't pick my favourite Stylish Blogs out of the many fab ones I read, and I also know that many of you have already received this award so I'm passing it onto everyone who would like to receive it. I’ve been trying to think of seven things about me and I have to admit it’s been a struggle, because I think I’ve probably already told you lots about me through my blog and other Stylish Blogger Awards (Best try not to get too big headed eh). Anyway, here goes;

1) I love cherry blossom trees and at the moment they’re in bloom all over the place sprinkling the roads with pretty confetti like leaves. I have a small cherry blossom tree in my garden that was a moving in present, but I don’t think it’s going to bloom this year as it’s still quite new.

2) I’m extremely British about queues and was taught by my Mum, Nan and Aunt to tell people off if they try to queue jump, even if they are older then me. It’s amazing how many people do try to queue jump…’the queue’s back there, you’re no different to the rest of us’ grrrr. I’m again very Britishly horrified when I go abroad and people don’t queue??? A queue makes perfect and reasonable sense to me. My friends and I, along with some other disgruntled Brits, once abandoned Burger King at a Spanish/Ibiza (can’t remember which) airport because not only did the staff not understand the concept of ‘fast food’ (they were all stood about talking when there were over 20 people top serve) but no one was queuing, it was a total free for all and nearly sent me into a panic attack!

3) I love sunshine but don’t particularly like heat…yes I know that’s a total contradiction in itself. It might be the fact that I come out in horrid prickly heat in hot weather, but I’m never sure whether to blame this on the sun, or the heat, or both. If I go away to a hot country I have to take antihistamines for three days before I go and then every day while I’m there. I should really just holiday in Iceland or something, but I remain determined to get a tan. The antihistamines make me really sleepy, even the non drowsy ones, so sleeping in the sun and doing not much else is my kinda holiday.

4) I’d love to be able to draw. I’d say I’m relatively creative, but I really struggle to put my ideas into action and honestly can’t draw anything but stick men. It’s a bit embarrassing looking back at my school tea towel printed with everyone’s drawing of themselves. All the girl’s drawings were generally really good, but mine was on par with the less skilled male drawers. My Mum and Nan still laugh at it. Apparently I can blame it on my dyspraxia though.

5) I wear lots of black, not just because it’s slimming, but because I just really like it. The little girls in my close asked ‘did you get a black dog because you wear lots of black?’. This probably should have been a wake up call to start wandering about in garish colours.

6) I used to collect elephants and had hundreds of them. Not real ones obviously, just anything decorative that was an elephant or had and elephant on it. I sodl them all at a carboot sale years ago and they’re obviously very popular to collect as people bought them by the box load. I have kept a few favourite ones and also some that although not my favourite, I kind of feel sorry for. Strange I know. It’s the same reason that my mum has a circle of Cabbage Patch dolls sitting in a spooky circle in her loft. When she sees one in a charity shop she thinks they look lonely and need to live with other Cabbage Patch Kids.

I found this pic on google images but have one exactly the same. It's a string dispenser.
7) I’m totally rubbish at saving and when I have money in my purse I just have to spend it. I kind of actively look for ways to get rid of it, and unfortunately this also seems to be the case with my credit card. If there’s a balance on there then it needs to be spent on something. I’m trying to mend my ways but it’s soooo hard when it doesn’t come naturally to you. One of my cousins is the same as me and spends money before she even has it, but her sister is super tight. Not with others thought strangely. She spends lots on others but won’t spend money on herself. I taught them to play Monopoly once when looking after them and Ellie had spent all of her cash within one trip around the board. Emma on the other hand, aged about 5 at the time, had the option of paying to get out of jail/buying Ellie’s get out of jail free card (depending on which rules you play buy) and decided that ‘it seemed a bit expensive and she’d rather stay in jail’ .

All of the image were found on google images as my camera battery's playig up at the moment. For this same reason I haven't been able to blog about the two gorgeous give away parcels I received this week! Fingers crossed the camera will be playing ball tomorrow after being charger for a hundred million hours. Have a good weekend everyone...more sunshine I hope xxx


  1. Congrats on your awards! I enjoyed reading your 7 things! Whenever I have been working in shops (which has been alot!) you will be pleased to know that I refuse to serve people who don't queue properly and tell people off for queue jumping and make them get to the back! :)
    Hope you're well! xx

  2. Congrats on your award. I'm totally with you on queues. People don't queue at bus stops anymore and it drives me bonkers! I'm also the same with heat, not good with it!

    Yup, here's to more sunshine! Have a great weekend.

  3. Well done on your awards! I used to put my head down and ignore queue jumpers. Not any more - must be as I have got older I have got very stroppy about a lot of things!! Sue x

  4. Congrats on the awards! Im the same with the sunshine but not heat - i also get prickly heat rash and also have to take the tablets before i go and when there - it hurts like hell when you get it but some peeps who've never had it think its only a rash...err no! lol. Have a fabulous weekend, Scarlett x

  5. You can sort of understand in another country where queing is not their culture, but what gets me are the 'oldies'here who do nothing but moan about youngsters and their manners and are so rude themselves when it comes to queing. Like its their right to push in anywhere! I just flash my bus pass at them now and say I am old too, and you wait your turn like everyone else! See I'm getting to be a grumpy old woman too!!

  6. PS Very rude...congratulations on the awards. xx

  7. Congrats on you award. I chuckled about the drawing - I do some work with dyspraxic children and one of the assessments we do is to draw a person so I know just what you are saying!

  8. Congrats on the award. Nice to hear a little more about you. x

  9. Congrats Amy. BTW just the same with money. We cant help it its in our genes.

  10. Hay Amy, congrats on the award. Great minds think alike. I have just nominated you for the Liebster award too :) x

  11. Congratulations, Amy! Great answers. I love heat and sunshine. It should be touching 40 in Goa next weekend, perfect for me. xxx

  12. Congratulation on your award 'Our little girl is all grown up' Your blog is so worth it....
    Take care

  13. Hi Amy! It was a pleasure passing an award to you...your blog is very witty and entertaining! I laughed about the queing...I've had many an altercation over the fish counter!

  14. I’d love to able to draw too, it’s the one thing I’ve never been able to do to a good standard. We had those school tea towels too, they bring back so many memories! xx


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