Sunday 6 March 2011

A Very Late February Make & Vintage Fair Preparations

I have been so busy lately that I've been quite neglectful of my blog, so here are my very late February Makes. I made a mountain of cards using vintage fuzzy felt, 1950s Noddy Snap Cards and a 1950s children's board games. These will be coming with me to the Northampton Vintage & Homemade Fair on the 19th March.

I also made some envelopes from a 1950s School Atlas I picked up in a charity shop. I love the colours and the texture of the paper is lovely.

I went to a jumble sale yesterday (pics as soon as I've cleared the mountain of Vintage Fair things in my craft room) and bought a few bits and bobs on a charity shop jaunt the other week. I picked up a gorgeous 80s wool M&S sailor style coat and I'll post pics as soon as it's washed.

I love the 'grandad' brown leather buttons

I tried to squeeze my feet into these like an ugly sister but to no avail. They'll be coming to the Vintage & Homemade Fair

I love the alcohol advertisements in this men's magazine
  I did a rough 'mock up' of my stall for the Vintage & Homemade Fair to help me decide what to take. Here are a few pics of what I'll be taking.

Excuse the terrible pictures, the sun's so lovely and bright that it's making taking pictures impossible.
Now all I need to do is wrap everything in mountains of bubble wrap and stow it away in my vintage laundry hamper. It has wheels attached so I can get it up and down the wheelchair ramp on my mum's car and saves me carrying too much stuff. Once all that's done and I've moved everything out of my hall (I'm having it decorated tomorrow) I'm looking forward to curling up on the sofa in my oversized arran cardie and catching up with everyone's blogs.

I hope you all have a lovely week and I'm going to leave you with a burst of sunshine...oh how I love daffodil season x


  1. Great items, wish I was nearer to visit the fayre. Loving those atlas envelopes, such a great idea. I would love to have a vintage fayre down south, I would have tons to sell with all charity shop addiction :o) Hope you sell lots. Scarlett x

  2. Love the cards, great idea! Hope it goes well at the fayre :) x

  3. Looks like you've got some lovely things for the Vintage hope you do well.
    I love your handmade envelopes....I won some in one of your giveawys.....and haven't used them yet because they're too nice!!!!

  4. What a shame those beautiful shoes don't fit! I had a Miss Holmes pair almost identical to them and they killed me. The cash I got for them on eBay more than made up for it.
    You've got some beautiful bits there, you'll do really well, I'm sure of it. xxx

  5. Such beautiful bits and pieces, I love the Noddy cards and the envelopes are very intriguing too, I really like how you re-use vintage materials.

    Your mock up stall looks wonderful, so much to see and explore, I love just about everything here. I can’t wait to see your jumble/charity finds now, the sailor style coat sounds fabulous xx

  6. Ooh the cards and envelopes look really great. The envelopes especially, so unique looking.

    Such gorgeous bits and bobs, I´m sure they´ll be flying off your table.

  7. You've got some lovely bits there, the pretty vanity set in particular x

  8. Those cards look great - what a fab idea :)

    Hope you do well @ the fair.

  9. Ahh! I used to love fuzzy felt!
    What a cute idea!
    Lovely photos!

  10. Wow you have been busy, you have some lovely items for your stall. Fuzzy felt is just great i still have one somewhere can't remember what it is now mind. Beautiful daffs, have a lovely week, dee x

  11. Those fuzzy felts cards are fab!! As for the shoes! Well they are lush! Your stall is going to look great and should sell lots! Good luck with it.

    X x x

  12. Hi Amy, this really is a lovely collection of things, I'm sure you will do really well at the fair. The fuzzy felt cards are a fab idea, I used to love the stuff! x

  13. It all looks great, love the bird tin,the little till and piano.Look forward to seeing you at the fair Linda xx

  14. Love the glass butter dish your're selling!
    Shame about the shoes, they are so pretty! Cant wait to see the sailor coat, sounds fab!

  15. OMG Amy I love those shoes!!! I had the opposite problem with shoes, Bought some I adored off ebay that said they were a 6 but were in reality a bloomin 7 when they arrived. I cant wear the darned things but cannot part with them either

  16. Soooo many pictures of beautiful things. Love your atlas envelopes, genius idea, Amy. Good luck with the Fayre.

  17. Hi Amy, what lovely goodies. Your mum tells me you are a bit under the weather today, so hope that winning my giveaway will cheer you a little. Parcel will be on its way as soon as I can get to the Post Office. Congratulations and hope you feel a bit better soon.
    Jenny xx

  18. Hi Amy, what a nelly I am. Your parcel will be on its way when I have your full name and address! Please email me at
    Jenny x

  19. Just popped by to say thank-you for my giveaway prize, it was such a lovely package to receive. The mirror is so cute and has already found a way into my handbag. And I can’t wait to use the bath soak! The embroidery is such a lovely extra too, thank-you for such a wonderful gift xxx

  20. Your stall will look fabulous! If I was a bit closer, I'd definitely be along for a shop! Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog about Neo, my cousin's dog. It has been very sad, but the lovely comments people have left have made a difference. You are so right, pets are much more than just pets, they are part of the family. Hope you're having a great week. Big hugs, Em xxx


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